2020 ARO Photo Contest

Showcase your work on the ARO website!  We hope to refresh our website with scientific images from the ARO community. We could use both banner format and more standard proportions (such as the image below). 

Judges Needed!  If interested, please contact Donna Fekete, Communications Officer, dfekete(at)purdue.edu.

Please submit non-copyright-protected images to: http://bit.ly/aro-photo-request

Amazon gift cards will be awarded for images that are chosen for the website.  $75 (first place); $50 (second and third place); $25 (honorable mention).

Deadline for submissions:  31 January 2020

(1) submit each image as .jpg file using the file name convention "LastName_XYZ.jpg" (details below)
(2) submit a single Word document, "LastName.doc", to provide specific information about your images (details below).

Detailed instructions:  Each image should be named as "LastName_XYZ.jpg" where LastName is the last name of the author; XYZ is optional and can be any alphanumeric combination that the author may find helpful to differentiate their multiple submissions. XYZ can also be references to metadata such as organ name, age, etc.,  but is ideally kept short. Each author should provide one word file named "LastName.doc" that contains caption and any relevant information for all of their submitted images. Each caption should contain at least the following: 1) Organ/tissue/cell depicted in the image, 2) Technique (e.g., immunohistochemistry), labels (e.g., antibodies) and genotype where relevant, 3) Age, 4) Model organism, 5) the full name, position, institutional affiliation and email address of the author(s). Citations are expected for images that have appeared in any form in a published paper or book. Collaborators should be acknowledged where applicable.

First prize from 2019 ARO Photo Contest:  credit to Leonardo Andrade