Abstract Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline is September 3, 2019, 11:59PM EDT 

The ARO Program Committee is now welcoming Abstracts for the 2020 MidWinter Meeting. To be considered for presentation at the MidWinter Meeting, all abstracts must be completed and submitted no later than midnight September 3rd, Eastern Daylight Time.

Please Read Instructions Carefully Before Submitting!

  • There is no limit on the number of contributed abstract submissions from any one person or lab.
  • Abstract submissions are not required to be sponsored by an ARO member.
  • Each abstract requires the payment of a submission fee. Current ARO members pay $30 per submission, whether they are first author or any of the co-authors. Non-members pay $120 per submission. No refunds will be given if a non-member joins ARO after submitting an abstract.

    There is no additional cost to withdraw an abstract; however, there will be no refund of the fee after the abstract has been successfully submitted. 

    A payment receipt is generated automatically after the submission is finalized (scroll to the bottom of the final page).
  • When submitting an abstract on the submission site:
    1. In the title text box, enter the abstract title exactly as you wish it to appear in the ARO Program and Abstract books. All information will be displayed and published exactly as it has been submitted. Double-check all spelling and capitalization. No copyediting will be performed and no embarrassing typos will be corrected.
    2. Titles must be in Title Case, which is Initial Caps on All Significant Words. Do NOT type the title in all uppercase.
      Example of Title Case: Molecular Basis of Obvious Hearing Loss in the Walking Dead
    1. Enter the text of the abstract in the abstract text box. Do NOT include the title or author list in this section. Double check spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Again, no copyediting will be performed and no embarrassing typos will be corrected.
  • Abstracts should include an overview of the research background, methods, results, and conclusions. There is no need to make these into separate sections of the abstract.
  • Graphics and tables can be uploaded on the Supporting Files page.
  • The word limit is 400 words maximum per abstract. This word count does not include the title, author list, graphs/images, or tables.
  • Following successful submission of an abstract, you can edit any of the fields until the September 3rd due date. Edits are not possible after the deadline.
  • REMINDER:  The abstract submitter is responsible for ensuring that all information in the abstract is exactly as the authors wish it to appear.

Notification emails will be sent to all co-authors automatically once the abstract is submitted.Questions regarding the submission process or the 2020 ARO MidWinter Meeting, please contact the ARO Meetings Department at [email protected] or call 856-423-0041, option 2.