ARO Award of Merit

The ARO Award of Merit recognizes an individual who has made substantial scientific achievements in and contributions to the fields encompassed by otolaryngology.

 2020 ARO Award of Merit Winner:  Lynne A. Werner, PhD

Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
"for establishing the rigorous assessment of hearing in infants"


 To submit a nomination

Nominees should be able to present a talk as part of the Award ceremony at the midwinter ARO meeting in 2021The selection will be made during the 2020 Midwinter meeting. For more information to nominate someone for the ARO Award of Merit, please click here

Image courtesy of Shahar Taiber; Hair cells in a Syne4-/- mutant mouse cochlea

 ARO Award of Merit Winners

1978    Harold Schuknecht, MD * 
1979    Merle Lawrence, PhD *
1980    Juergen Tonndorf, MD * 
1981    Catherine Smith, PhD *
1982    Hallowell Davis, MD *
1983    Ernest Glen Wever, PhD *
1984    Teruzo Konishi, MD *
1985    Joseph Hawkins, PhD *
1986    Raphel Lorente de No, MD *
1987    Jerzy E. Rose, MD *
1988    Jozef Zwislocki, ScD*
1989    Ake Flock, PhD*
1990    Robert Kimura, PhD*
1991    William D. Neff, PhD*
1992    Jan Wersall, PhD* 
1993    David Lim, MD*
1994    Peter Dallos, PhD 
1995    Kirsten Osen, MD
1996    Drs. Ruediger Thalmann, MD* & Isolde Thalmann, PhD 
1997    Jay Goldberg, PhD*
1998    Robert Galambos, MD, PhD*
1999    Murray B. Sachs, PhD*
2000    David M. Green, PhD
2001    William S. Rhode, PhD 
2002    A. James Hudspeth, MD, PhD 
2003    Dr. David Kemp 
2004    Donata Oertel, PhD
2005    Edwin W Rubel, PhD
2006    Robert Fettiplace, PhD 
2007    Eric D. Young, PhD
2008    Brian C.J. Moore, PhD
2009    M. Charles Liberman, PhD
2010    Ian J. Russell 
2011    Robert V. Shannon, PhD
2012    David P. Corey, PhD
2013    Karen P. Steel, PhD
2014    H. Steven Colburn, PhD
2015    Thomas B. Friedman, PhD
2016    Geoffrey A. Manley, PhD
2017    Alan Palmer, PhD
2018    Christine Petit, PhD
2019    Peter M. Narins, PhD
2020   Lynne A. Werner, PhD

* Deceased