ARO Innovator Award in Clinical Science

This is a new achievement award that will first be presented at the 2021 MidWinter Meeting. 

The award recognizes a body of work that constitutes a significant advance relevant to clinical practice in hearing and vestibular disorders.  The topic should be related to the scientific interests of the Association as represented at the annual ARO Meeting. As the award is for a body of work, the award may be shared among investigators who have worked as a team.   The awardee(s) will be asked to give a scientific talk at the 2021 meeting (one per award).

Nominees, nominators and letter-writers are not required to be ARO members.  Self-nominations are not accepted.  Nomination packages comprise a curriculum vitae (CV; or CVs for multi-investigator teams), a nomination letter that describes the research contributions of the nominee(s), and 1-2 supporting letters.  Letters may have multiple signatories.  The selection will be made before the 2021 Midwinter meeting.

Nominations are due in the Fall of 2020; exact due date will be announced later.  To submit your nomination click on the link below.

Submit your Nomination