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The ARO NEWS was the newsletter of the association. The newsletter featured articles on current issues, upcoming meetings, and member recognition. 

ARO NEWS Archive:
May 2014
January 2014

36th MidWinter Meeting Wrap Up
December 2012 
September 2012

June 2012
April 2012
2010 Spring Newsletter: 686KB pdf file or 614KB zip file
2009 Fall Newsletter: 582KB pdf file or 538KB zip file
2009 Spring Newsletter:715KB pdf file or 645KB zip file
2008 Newsletter: 286KB pdf file or 244KB zip file
2007 Fall Newsletter: 418KB pdf file or 382KB zip file
2007 Spring Newsletter: 529KB pdf file or 496KB zip file
2006 Newsletter: 523KB pdf file or 478KB zip file
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2001 Newsletter: 3,906KB pdf file or 1,029KB zip file