ARO Young Investigator Award

This award recognizes accomplishment and promise in research related to otolaryngology, in an area(s) represented at the annual ARO meeting. Candidates should have a graduate degree (PhD, MD or equivalent) and be no more than 5 years beyond residency or postdoctoral training at the time of nomination. Only 1 letter of support is required; it may have multiple signatories. The selection will be made before the 2021 Midwinter meeting.

To submit a nomination

For more information on how to nominate someone for the Geraldine Dietz Fox Young Investigator Award, please click here.

Geraldine Dietz Fox Young Investigator Award Winners

2020 Award Winner
Christopher R. Cederroth, PhD Docent
Associate Professor, Experimental Audiology, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Dr. Cederroth is recognized for the importance of his research goals in the area of genetic influences on tinnitus, the comprehensiveness and achievements of his research program, and the potential for impactful progress.

2019 Award Winner
Srivatsun (Vatsun) Sadagopan, PhD
"for contributions to the understanding of auditory cortical function"

2018 Award Winner
Marcos Sotomayor, PhD


2017 Award Winner
Catherine Weisz 

2016 Award Winner
Stephen David, PhD


2015 Award Winner
Alan Cheng, MD, PhD


1998 to 2014: Burt Evans Award Winners

2014 Award Winner
Ronna Hertzano, MD, PhD


2013 Award Winner
Patrick O. Kanold, PhD

2012 Award Winner
Virginia Best, PhD


2011 Award Winner
Konstantina Stankovic MD,PhD

2010 Award Winner
Daniel J. Tollin, PhD



2009 Award Winner
John V. Brigande, PhD

2008 Award Winner
Lisa L. Cunningham, PhD


2007 Award Winner
Karina S. Cramer, PhD

2006 Award Winner
Jeffrey R. Holt, PhD 


2005 Award Winner
Stefan Heller, PhD

2004 Award Winner
Elisabeth Glowatzki, PhD


2003 Award Winner
John P. Carey, MD

2002 Award Winner
Anthony Ricci, PhD


2001 Award Winner
Jennifer S. Stone, PhD

2000 Award Winner
Matthew W. Kelley, PhD


1999 Award Winner
Karen B. Avraham, PhD


1998 Award Winner
Henry J. Adler, PhD