Redesign the ARO Logo - deadline extended to Feb. 29, 2020!

Call for Submissions: Ideas for a new Association for Research in Otolaryngology Logo

A lamp, coil, microscope, and arrow…

In the lead up to AROs 50th anniversary, we are calling on our members to submit their ideas for a new ARO logo.  Submissions will be collated and a professional designer employed to realize the final design, with contributors(s) acknowledged.  We are looking for ideas and concept art, not a final design.  Members are encouraged to contribute ideas however they feel comfortable (i.e. describe the idea if unable to draw).  

Suggestions:  A logo should be simple, memorable, relevant, and scalable.  Will it work in color and black and white?  Is it legible in both low and high resolution?  Is it instantly recognizable and permanently memorable? Is it versatile enough to be equally appealing on a pen, billboard, or cake?  Is it unique, yet simple enough to pass the test of time?  Does it accurately convey the mission of ARO?

Disclaimer:  This is not a logo competition; there are no winners; there is no prize.  We are seeking member input for conceptualization of a new logo, not a fully realized design.  We reserve the right not to use any member-submitted design in whole or part.  There is no expectation that we will hire or enlist the submitter to fully realize their concept into a final design.  We reserve the right to modify, combine, and change any concept design as necessary.  The original submitter does not retain rights to their logo design as it will likely be modified. 

Deadline: 11:59PM Saturday, February 29, 2020 (note new deadline)

Submissions here:  redesign the aro logo

(1) submit .PDF files only
(2) include contributor name on all pages
(3) use the file name convention: AROLogo_<contributor surname>_<contributor first name>

Questions?  please contact Donna Fekete, Communications Officer, [email protected]